I’m a stranger in a strange place
where no one meets another in the eye,
black city pavements slick with rain
cold tears falling from a purple sky.

I’m a stranger in a strange place
where hearts break and never heal,
watching shadows move from afar
touching scars I should not feel.

I’m a stranger in a strange place.

Rebirth v. 2

The sun is reborn
‘tween limbs torn and spread apart,
simulating a fire breather,
spewing fire into the cosmos.

The sun rises anew
‘tween valleys and ridges,
rolling across the sky
like a dragon over a parched earth.

The sun has risen
‘tween the sky and the horizon,
exploding into sunbursts,
melting what was winter.


I’m on the edges of sleep
where Morpheus hides his keep.
Momentary slumber, eyes half-glazed
walking aimless, always dazed.

I’m on the edges of sleep
with memories I don’t dare keep.
Fleeting memories, fading smiles
my life slowly runs out of miles.


Mabalantok na kalansay
iniluklok sa may tangway.
Ibinulong nitong baybay
hikbi, bulong, tawa’t dighay.

Tenga ay kinikiliti
nang bulong na naglalandi.
Ngunit dinig sa’yong labi
ang along namimighati.

Last Waltz

Your ghost haunts me incessantly
like the wind dancing
with a candle’s flame;
burning wax flowing from ridges
like tears burning,
etching a blackened path
across a glistening smile.

My reflection becomes your face
as I try to cut myself free
of memories forgotten.

My blood reminiscent of yours
as you hang there
bolted from the ceiling,
a piece of rope dangling
swinging in time
with the waltz that you were playing.